Our prices for professional childcare

The prices can be different depending on the needs of the client

Prices for Event Nannys

There should be booked at least 3 hours
Per 4-5 children 1 childcare is be needed


Salary/hour: 35 CHF
Fees/Nanny: at least 35 CHF

Maybe transport and material fees

Commission of at least 200 CHF 

Prices for emergency Nannys


Salary/hour: 35 CHF
Fees/Nanny: 0 CHF

Unique fees of order: 50 CHF

Unique fees of Commission: 0 CHF
Insurances: All insurances are covered by mom2mom


Prices for special childcare

There should be booked at least 3 hours


The service will be calculated depending on the complexity and the strength of the disability and then defined with the customer.