Questions and answers on emergency Nannys

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What is an emergency nanny?

An emergency Nanny is a Nanny who takes care of the child or the children in certain emergency situations. An emergency Nanny is a professional caregiver who has completed training on or with children and has many years of experience in working with children.


What professional background have mom2mom (emergency) -nannys?

Each emergency Nanny has a professional background in childcare. All emergency nannies have completed training on children and have extensive professional experience as an infant teacher, educator, social worker, kindergarten teacher or child care. All emergency Nannys be verified by qualified personnel and personally recruited.


What is meant by an emergency?

An emergency situation in childcare arises whenever the regular childcare fails because of unforeseen situations (eg. Illness, accident, failure care) or a scheduled but irregular situation (relocation, holiday, business dates, etc.). Emergency situations can also occur independently of an illness in appearance, whenever eg. for professional reasons, children can not be cared for.


How do I book an emergency nanny?

Emergency nannies are booked through the special emergency Nanny form


At what times requests are accepted?

Office hours from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 18:00.


How long it takes approximately between request and effective job-beginning of the nanny?

If a switch is possible, it usually takes between 2-4 hours. It is possible that in some cases it may takes longer. More information is contained in mom2mom disclaimer.


Can I book emergency nannies also outside of Zurich?

Yes, mom2mom has a Switzerland-wide pool of nannies.


How much does an emergency nanny cost?

The hourly rate for an hour is set at CHF 40.00. This price includes all insurance and benefits. Each order includes an order fee of CHF 50.00. It is possible to solve an emergency subscription that a certain number of bookings includes switches and is more affordable than individual bookings.


How often, how long do I book an emergency nanny?

An emergency Nanny is usually a form of care for an extraordinary, short-term and not continuous or recurrent situation. In some cases, long-term or repetitive operations can be considered and evaluated individually. Please note that the cost of a long-term use of emergency Nanny is expected to behave differently and commission costs.